T-RAX Chalmers Makerspace

What is T-RAX?

T-RAX is a student association managing the Chalmers makerspace Fuse by evenings and weekends. The makerspace allows students and teachers to learn and experiment with practical manufacturing methods as well as to work on private projects that lie outside the regular education. The makerspace offers a wide range of modern labs and workshops from metalworking to VR and textile. By providing several different labs, the possibility for creating interdisciplinary projects is endless.


Interested in learning 3D design and exploring virtual realities? As a member you get access to FUSE VR studio.

3D Printing

Want to learn how to make flawless 3D prints? We have multiple printers available in our rapid prototyping lab. Once you take our course you gain access to our printers!

Vinyl cutter

Do you want to create your own prints? In our textile lab you can create your own piece of clothing and with the help of a vinyl cutter you can make them truly unique.


Interested in learning how to use a laser cutter? With a laser cutter you can easily create two-dimensional as well as three dimensional prototypes.

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